Frequently Asked Questions on the ChemTec ONE Product.


Q: What size containers is ChemTec One available?
A: 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

Q: How quickly does the ChemTec One treated floor develop protection?
A: As soon as the floor is properly treated with ChemTec One, the protections process starts. The protection is a result of chemical reactions that takes several months to complete. For this reason, the floor can be susceptible to some staining during the first few months.

ChemTec International recommends that you:
1. Diaper equipment that could leak oil or other contaminants.
2. Clean floor regularly with a good detergent and aggressive scrubbing equipment.
3. Clean up spills immediately and spot clean the stains with a good degreaser or emulsifier.

Q: How quickly does the ChemTec One product harden and dustproof the floor?
A: It starts immediately and continues to harden up for several months.

Q: Is ChemTec One a coating?
A: No. ChemTec One is a reactive silicate concrete densifier. It actually creates a by-product that becomes part of the concrete matrix. It increases the mass, density, compressive strength, and abrasion resistance. It is in the concrete, not on the surface, and will not peel or flake.

Q: Why do the application instructions call for removal of excess material on steel troweled floors?
A: A proper applicator will leave no ChemTec One residue on the surface of steel troweled floors. If they do, the material can crystallize on the surface and leave unsightly crystallization that is extremely difficult to remove. Please see installation instructions in the document section. On broomed finished surfaces, bridge decks, or parking facilities, it is not necessary to remove the excess.

Q: Can I paint stripes or put coatings over a ChemTec One treated floor?
A: Yes. We do recommend that you flush the surface with fresh water prior to applying your paint or coating. Any un-reacted residue on the surface can interfere with the application.

Q: Do the ChemTec One treated floors or any structure treated with ChemTec One become slippery?
A: No. Please see the ASTM E-274 skid test results in the lab test section.

Q: Is ChemTec One USDA Approved?
A: Yes. Please see USDA Approval in the document section.

Q: How soon can I use the floor after it has been treated with ChemTec One?
A: One to two hours. However, if you are treating a freshly poured floor, observe the normal load restriction.

Q: Can ChemTec One be applied to colored concrete?
A: Yes. IF the concrete is integrally colored, i.e. pigment is added at the batch plant. DO NOT use on acid stained colored concrete surfaces.

Q: Is the ChemTec One process permanent on outside structures such as bridge decks, parking facilities, and warehouse steel-troweled concrete floors?
A: Yes. The ChemTec One process works exactly the same on all concrete. The application procedure varies depending on what type of structure you are treating. ChemTec One is the only reactive silicate concrete densifier in the world that meets both the Illinois and Ohio Departments of Transportation specification for use on bridge decs and supports. Please review the project photos on the web site.


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