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CHEMTEC INT'L, an Ohio U.S.A. Company, founded in 1995, manufactures and distributes CHEMTEC ONE high performance concrete protector. We consult with owners to solve concrete infrastructure problems. Our market is the investors in concrete and those who service that market. CHEMTEC ONE is a propriety formula developed by ChemTec Int'l Inc.

The CHEMTEC ONE process is applied to any permeable concrete surface to chemically stabilize and protect, preventing and in some cases reversing specific modes of deterioration in facilities or structures such as bridge decks, roadways, airport runways and ramps, warehouses, parking facilities, sidewalks, loading docks and any new and old concrete vertical or horizontally oriented. CHEMTEC ONE is a MULTI-COMPONENT STATE OF THE ART PRODUCT and is also designed for use as a floor hardener , dust proofer, sealer on steel troweled concrete floors. It stops dusting and makes the floor up to 45% harder more wearable and durable.

The CHEMTEC formulations penetrate the concrete's permeable zones yielding solid insoluble irreversible gel reaction products residing in the gel pores .. while maintaining the concrete's ability to breathe. It actually creates a by-product in the concrete. It offers benefits that can not be attained by using simple sealers or coatings. One of the most valuable benefits is the structural enhancement qualities that are brought about while it is stabilizing and encapsulating the concrete...increase compression strength, flexibility strength, surface hardness, and increasing it's mass. Our formulations are water soluble and are not subject to restrictive handling under U.S.A. environmental regulations.

The benefits of the CHEMTEC process yields enormous savings in the normal maintenance cost of concrete structures. Cost is always a primary consideration, please recognize this process is more than a coating...the reaction products that reside in the gel pores and micro cracks such as shrinkage and alligator cracks below the surface maintains the vigil of protecting the concrete long after other coatings have lost their effectiveness. This process yield significant measurable results in just a few hours.

Performance that has been achieved with CHEMTEC products:

  • Reduces porosity up to 90%
  • Increases hardness of new concrete and deteriorated concrete.
  • Dramatically reduces of reactivity to acids.
  • Reduces water soluble chloride levels.
  • Functions as surface contact corrosion inhibitor for steel.
  • Reduces chloride penetration.
  • Maintains high alkalinity in the concrete.
  • Meets the Ohio DOT specification # 841 for use on bridge decks.

CHEMTEC Products address the chemical deterioration of concrete before they become structural problems. Our process can extend the useful life of your infrastructure 10% to 40% depending on the application, yielding a tremendous savings.

Our Clients include: Ohio, Illinois , North Carolina & Missouri DOT, City of Cincinnati, Hamilton County Ohio, US Army Corps of Engineers, Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, Bristol Motor Speedway, Kentucky Speedway, Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport, Northern Kentucky Convention Center, Safety-Kleen, Onyx Environmental, Philips Services,, Cincinnati United Contractors, Miller Valentine Construction, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, and many others.

Please call us in the U.S.A. toll free at 1-888-889-7779 or 513-474-2090 or Fax 474-2054 or E-mail jsist@fuse.net or visit our web page at www.concretesealer.net

Thank you.
Jim Sist


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