Chemtec ONE Protecting Landing Pads

ChemTec One protecting a Joint Strike Fighter and F-35 Lightning II Harrier Concrete Landing Pad from Jet Blast at takeoff and landing.

Chemtec ONE Protecting Yankee Stadium

ChemTec One protecting select areas of the new, New York Yankee's Stadium in the Bronx.

Chemtec ONE Protecting New York Mets Citifield Stadium

Chemtec One protecting select areas of the New York Mets Citifield Stadium in Queens New York:

Chemtec ONE Protecting New Construction

ChemTec ONE used as a concrete floor hardener / densifier / dust-proofer / sealer on new construction:

Chemtec ONE as a Base Hardener for Polished Floors

ChemTec One being used as a base hardener for polishing concrete floors. Installation and polishing operation performed by Cincinnati Concrete Polishing.

Chemtec ONE Protecting Ohio DOT Bridges

ChemTec ONE treatment of Ohio DOT bridge deck:

Chemtec ONE Seals Micro Cracks

Applicator spraying Chemtec One to protect the Bridge deck and to seal the micro-cracks.

This is the type of micro-cracks that Chemtec One seals

Chemtec ONE Skid Test

Ohio DOT skid test:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Loading Ramps

ChemTec ONE protecting, densifying, and sealing truck loading ramp:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Pads and Sidewalks

ChemTec ONE protecting drive up pads, dumpster area, and sidewalks:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Newport Aquarium

ChemTec ONE protecting and sealing new staircase at the new Newport, KY Aquarium:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Residential Driveways

ChemTec ONE protecting and sealing residential driveways from salt penetration and attack:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Special Use Structures

Launch pads at Bristol Motor Speedway’s new NHRA drag strip:

Ohio Department of Aviation Hangar Ramp:


Chemtec ONE Protecting Procter & Gamble Facility

ChemTec ONE protecting entrance and sidewalks at Procter & Gamble facility:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Concrete Walls

ChemTec ONE protecting concrete walls at a chemical processing company:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Tanger Outlet Malls

Chemtec One protecting concrete walkways at select Tanger and other Outlet Malls:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Parking Garages

ChemTec ONE protecting parking garages:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Fort Washington Way

ChemTec ONE protecting new bridge deck at the Fort Washington Way project in Cincinnati, OH:

Chemtec ONE Protecting the 8th Street Viaduct

ChemTec One protecting the 8th Street Viaduct Bridge project in Cincinnati Ohio. October 2009:

Chemtec ONE Protecting the Mark Twain Bridge

ChemTec ONE protecting the Mark Twain Bridge that spans the Mississippi River at Hannibal, MO:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Missouri Bridges

ChemTec ONE protecting Missouri bridges:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Projects In China

China projects completed and under construction using ChemTec One High Performance Reactive Silicate Concrete Densifier, Hardener, Sealer.

Distributed and installed by:
Nanjing Ningshi Science and Technology Industry Co. LTD Headquartered in Nanjing China

Chemtec ONE Protecting Warehouse Floors

ChemTec One being applied to Warehouse Concrete Floors:

Chemtec ONE Protecting Wal-Mart Floors

ChemTec ONE protecting and hardening new Wal-Mart Super Center floor:


Chemtec ONE Treated and Polished Terrazo Floors

ChemTec One treated and polished terrazzo floor in a Locomotive Depot repair facility in Nanjing China.

Chemtec ONE Treated and Finished Concrete Samples

ChemTec One treated concrete sample and finished polished with a 1500 grit diamond.


Chemtec ONE Restored and Polished Terazzo Floors

Restored and polished terazzo floors using Chemtec One as the base densifier hardener.


Chemtec ONE Protecting McAlpine Lock & Dam

ChemTec ONE protecting US Army Corps of Engineer’s McAlpine Lock & Dam from de-icing material damage:

Chemtec ONE Stabilizing and Hardening a Deteriorated Floor

ChemTec ONE stabilizing and hardening a deteriorated dusting floor:

Chemtec ONE Exhibition Booth at World of Concrete

Chemtec Exhibition Booth at
World of Concrete Asia 2006
World of Concrete Las Vegas NV 2007